I Will Advice The Best Careers For Your Inherent Traits

I Will Advice The Best Careers For Your Inherent Traits

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I will send you a link from Identi3 Profiling a world renowned profiling tool founded in the States that offers superior performance and results that tests the 16 sub-dimensions of your traits and 8 Career types you can fall into. 
16 Sub-Dimensions
Thought, Organization, Exposition, Flexibility, Effort, Timeliness, Determination, Quality, Affection, Empathy, Sociability, Loyalty, Dominance, Status, Tactfulness, Leadership

8 Career Types
Networker, Carer, Expositor, Perfectionist, Organizer, Craftsman, Artist, Investigator, 

Your report will show you your character traits in the basic package. The standard package will show both your ideal career types, the types of jobs that you are suitable for as well as your character traits. The premium package will further identify your trapped and conflicted behaviour that maybe be causing you frustrations in your life. 

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