I Will Be Your Tutor In Finance

I Will Be Your Tutor In Finance

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Have no idea what that topic is about? Don't understand which formula to choose to calculate a share price? Can't distinguish between forwards and futures?

I am here to help you! I can explain you everything you need!


My name is Elina, I’m a master student in Financial Economics with a BSc in Economics and Finance, and I want to help you succeed in your course! 


I can help you understand any topic in finance you are struggling with! 

Just write me, and we will get things done :) 



IMPORTANT: Please mind that this gig offers only academic support such as guidance and tutoring.

Please contact me and tell me what you are struggling with before placing an order!


I provide my help mostly for undergraduate courses in finance.


P.S. For those who need urgent help, there is an extra fast delivery option! Write me a message if you need one

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