Buyers & Sellers Faqs

How to Become Partner?

1- For selling on HiSmarty you must be Registered user on our website, If you are not Registered and then Click Here and on this page fill all required information marked with *. If you are already registered but your are not a partner then Click Here .

2- On same page at bottom of the form ( "Want to Sell Services & Products") Select Yes for ( "want to become partner?") and Enter your User name as Seller name or Company name and hit Search button to find available username.


Note: User name should be available to continue process or enter another username (Seller/Comapny name).

How much money can I make?

It's totally up to you. You can work as much as you want. Many sellers work on HiSmarty full time and some keep their 9-5 job while using HiSmarty to make extra money. 

Motivational Example : If you are selling 10 Product or Services at average price of Rs.500, If you sold one or two products a day then your profit would be without any big effort: 

Rs.500 x 2 Sale( day) - HiSmarty fee Rs.100( which is 10%) = Rs.900 ( Your Profit is Rs.900 per day) 
or Rs.500 x 5 Sale( day) - HiSmarty fee Rs.250( which is 10%) = Rs.2250( Your Profit is Rs.2250 per day) 

After listing your Product or Services : Just work 5mins - 30mins daily to promote on social networks to make huge money because no other work required. 

Note: This is just a example, You can earn according to your effort and quality of your product and Services. With very little effort you can earn Rs. 50k to Unlitmited.

What I can sell?

Be creative! You can offer any service you wish as long as it's legal and complies with our terms. There are over 100 categories you can browse to get ideas. Example : People who have huge list of Subscribers or Followers on youtube, Facebook, Twitter & on others they are promoting others brand with their posts and making huge money.  Also buyers are ordering services like Likes & followers for their pages. Don't think limited you can sell any service!   Few Selling Ideas : -

  • Graphic Design: Here you can offer designing services like logo, websites, posters , Photoshop services, any Graphic & Designing related services.
    • Logo Design
    • Business Cards & Stationery
    • Illustration
    • Cartoons & Caricatures
    • Flyers & Posters
    • Book Covers & Packaging
    • Web & Mobile Design
    • Social Media Design
    • Banner Ads
    • Photoshop Editing
    • 3D & 2D Models
    • T-Shirts
    • Presentation Design
    • Infographics
    • Vector Tracing
    • Invitations
    • Other
  • Digital Marketing : 
    • Social Media Marketing
    • SEO
    • Web Traffic
    • Content Marketing
    • Video Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Search & Display Marketing
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Web Analytics
    • Influencer Marketing
    • Local Listings
    • Domain Research
    • E-Commerce Marketing
    • Mobile Advertising
    • Music Promotion
    • Other
  • Music & Videos : You can sell many services music & video editing or production services, also you can offer other services related to Music & Videos.
    • Resumes & Cover Letters
    • Proofreading & Editing
    • Translation
    • Creative Writing
    • Business Copywriting
    • Research & Summaries
    • Articles & Blog Posts
    • Press Releases
    • Transcription
    • Legal Writing
    • Other
  • Programming & Tech : You can offer programming services like new development or fixing bugs.
    • WordPress
    • Website Builders & CMS
    • Web Programming
    • Ecommerce
    • Mobile Apps & Web
    • Desktop applications
    • Support & IT
    • Chatbots
    • Data Analysis & Reports
    • Convert Files
    • Databases
    • User Testing
    • QA
    • Other
  • Video & Animation : You can sell Video and Animation related services like
  • Writing & Translations :
    • Resumes & Cover Letters
    • Proofreading & Editing
    • Translation
    • Creative Writing
    • Business Copywriting
    • Research & Summaries
    • Articles & Blog Posts
    • Press Releases
    • Transcription
    • Legal Writing
    • Other
  • Business :
    • Virtual Assistant
    • Market Research
    • Business Plans
    • Branding Services
    • Legal Consulting
    • Financial Consulting
    • Business Tips
    • Presentations
    • Career Advice
    • Flyer Distribution
    • Other
  • Fun & Lifestyle:
    • Online Lessons
    • Arts & Crafts
    • Relationship Advice
    • Health, Nutrition & Fitness
    • Astrology & Readings
    • Spiritual & Healing
    • Family & Genealogy
    • Gaming
    • Greeting Cards & Videos
    • Your Message On...
    • Viral Videos
    • Pranks & Stunts
    • Celebrity Impersonators
    • Collectibles
    • Global Culture
    • Other 

Also you can sell products under "Shopping" Category and booking services under "Hire For" category

Time to show your skills ! So what are you waiting for? Start earning now.

How much does it cost?

It's free to join HiSmarty. There is no subscription required or fees to list your services.

How do I price my service?

With Listing Packages, you set your pricing anywhere from Rs. 50 - Rs.xxxxxxx and also you can set extra for extra prices.

How much time will I need to invest?

It's very flexible. You need to put in some time and effort in the beginning to learn the marketplace and then you can decide for yourself what amount of work you want to do.

How do I get paid?

Once you complete a buyer's order, the money is transferred to your Bank Account. Must read Eligibility riteria below:-


What you need to get your money : 

You can get money to your Bank account, Paypal (Excluding india), Moneybookers (skrill).


Eligibility to get money in your Bank Account: 

  • Once order status is marked as completed. We transfer money to your bank account after 10 days of Order Status marked as "Completed" 
  • If buyers don't ask refund.
  • You need minimum Rs.500 balance in your account as "Payble Balance" to get money in you Bank Account.


Process: As you can see you can see the "Seller Amount" which is your total Earnings after paying HiSmarty Fees (Admin Fee), Once order status is marked as Completed then you would able to see your recent Earnings under "Payble Amount".


Amount Meanings: 


Total sold : Sellers Total Earnings (Excluding HiSmarty Fees) for your total sold listings. 

Seller Amount : Sellers Total Earnings after deducting HiSmarty fees.

Admin Amount : Fees amount charged by HiSmarty.

Paid Amount: This amount what we already sent to your Bank Account.

Payble Amount : Payble amount is Recent Pending Earning Amount which Seller will get to their Banks Accounts automaticly twice on every month.



When we send you money?

We will send your Earnings ("Payble Amount" ) to your bank Accounts if you fulfill all above terms. Also you don't need to create any request for withdraw because according to our terms, we will send you money twice on every month.

We will transfer money to sellers bank accounts, Sellers have to add bank details under tab named Add Bank Details.

What are the Seller Levels?

There are three type of selling levels, On each level you will unlock extra features to attract more buyers and to make more money.

What are the Selling Fees?

Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Companies Services Marketplace:

A: 20% Fees for selling under all Categories & Subcategories  (Excluding B, C Categories).


Deliverable Products:

B: 12% Fees for selling under "Shopping" Category & Subcategories (Excluding AC Categories).

C: 15% Fees for selling under "Men", "Women" or "Kids Watches", "Shoes", "Clothes", "Sunglasses" Categories & Subcategories . (Excluding A,B Categories).


NOTES: Shopping category is for you if you want to sell deliverable products. No need to pay fees in advance becaue you can pay above small fee after final sale.

SELLERS Dashboard
Creating a Listing

Your listing is the service that you sell on hismarty. Creating your listing is an opportunity to show off your talent and provide customers with all necessary information to help them decide to do business with you. First you have to become partne (seller) for selling Services or Products.




STEP 1: Listing Details ( Required)

  1. In the listing TITLE field, write a title up to 80 characters. Your title should be short, clear, and to the point.
  2. After that enter description and select the appropriate categories and then subcategor for your listing.
  3. In the TAGS field, add a minimum of three words or phrases, which best describe your listing( because with the help of that people can reach to your listing easily).

STEP 2: Images & Pricing ( Required)

  1. Enter price for what you want to sell your service or products, Also you can add special countdown pricing timer for any period. (Note: This would be available on listing page as live countdown for discount ending on.)
  2. Upload main product image, Also you can add extra images.
  3. Enter location, Quantity (if selling products).
  4. You can chnage status of listing to Enable or Disable, Also you can enable disable shipping if you are selling product( you can manage shipping here)

STEP 3: Add Extras (optional)

  1. In this tab add extras title and prices.

    What is "For an extra"? With the help of extra option you can sell extra services or products. For example: You can deliver your listing fast at extra price or also you can provide extra services or anything for extra prices..

STEP 4: Downloads (optional)

  1. Select your digital download file what you want to sell, Digital download files you can  upload here.
  2. Also you can add your other Services or Products listings to show on product page.

    What is is "Downloads"? If you want to sell digital file then this is the option for you.
    What is "Related listings"? With the help of this option you can add your other listings on product page so users can see your other listings on your product page.


STEP 5: Listing Options (optional)

  1. Add options like Colors, Sizes, Booking on.

What is "Size"? for example you are selling products like clothing or accessories then you can add size options, which would be available for customers at listing page

NOTES: You can add many Size options( you have to click on + sign to add more option.

What is "Colors"? Here you can add different color options for customers with quantity and price their prices, So customers can buy according to them. 

NOTES: You can add many Size options( you have to click on + sign to add more option.

What is "Booking on"? This is the best option if you are selling services and if that services required date and time from buyers,  With the help of this option you can add many options, For example if you are selling pest control service then click on option "Booking on" then in OptionValue enter service name like pest control.

NOTES: You can add many booking options( you have to click on add option again to add more options.


Final :Click on Continue (Save).

How to add tracking number?

Step 1 : First click on Order History, As you can see all orders listed here , So now click on View (under Action tab)

Srep 2:  If you will scroll little you will able to find Tracking Number , So Select product for what you want to add shipping details and add shipping details !

How to change order status?

You can change order status to "Shipped/Delivered"

Step 1 : First click on Order History , As you can see all orders listed here , So now click on View (under Action tab)

Step 2: If you will scroll little you will able to find ORDER STATUS tab at left side, Select product then choose select order status and click on Continue !
How to add comments on Orders?

Step 1 : First click on Order History , As you can see all orders listed here , So now click on View (under Action tab)

Step 2: If you will scroll little you will able to find COMMENT at left side, Select product  then type comment and now click on Continue !
How to Print Invoice?

Step 1 : First click on Order History, As you can see all orders listed here , So now click on View (under Action tab)

Step 2: Now you will able to see PRINT INVOICE on right side (near submit button) then click on Continue !
How to cancel orders (if not in stock or not available)?

Step 1 : First click on Order History , As you can see all orders listed here , So now click on View (under Action tab)

Step 2: Now you can see CANCEL ORDER PRODUCT Button to cancel order
How to contact to Support?

Sellers can find this link under MARKETPLACE menu on right side or Click Here !

How to check Orders History?

Sellers can check orders history Click Here

How to find Selling Transactions?

You can find Selling Transactions Click Here

How to set Seller Profile (Company Banner, logo & Comapny Info)?

To set your company and profile info Click Here !

How can I check my order status?

How can I check my order history?

How can I return/replace an item?

First go to Order History and view your order details , on this page you can Click on "Return/Replace" button and fill form. after that you have to ask store address to ship Product from your side. Do keep the product tags and packaging intact.

You can return/replace an item within 7 days of delivery. ''Return Policy'' to read our 7 days Easy Return policy, you can also check Buyer Protection Policy .

Note: For Digital Downloads check terms available on Seller Listings or Contact to seller. If seller not reply then we can do something for you!

What is maximum time for delivery?

Delivery Time for Services:-

For delivery time check Listing page for Services.


Delivery Time for Products :-

Maximum time for delivery ( if shipped from your country) : 2-15 days! 

Maximum time for delivery ( if shipped from other country) : 18-60 Day!

How to become Seller?

Click here to become our Partner!

Where is My Account?

Go to My Account section , here you will found many useful links on right side of menu

Where is my Service & Product Listings?

Here you can find your all Products listed by you for selling, Click Here

How to set flat rate shipping for all Buyers?

You can add custom flat rate shipping here, Click Here

Sellers : Reach to 100+ millions of viewers and expand your Business or Services.

Buyers: Wholesale Prices, Buy Products from Worldwide.

Seller Faqs & Guide : Click Here

Buyer Faqs : Click Here

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