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    I am an executive developer with graduation in BS Computer Science with more than 2 years of experience as an Associate Software Engineer. I also served as a Java tutor for one year at FAST-NUCES.  I will teach programming languages up to professional requirements. 1)  &n..
    I will be your native English tutor for up to one (1) hour (Eastern Standard Time (EST)), who tailors your lessons for your specific needs. I could also assist you or your child with your reading skills.    This will be casual conversations to help you practice English. 1 Day..
    I'll help you understanding any statistics work with deep concepts I'll help you learn the following statistics concepts briefly with the help of R language, Python, SPSS, Microsoft office and Eviews   Time series analysis Econometrics Probability and statistics operatio..
    Are you looking for mathematics expert,you are at right place.i have high experience and knowledge about mathematics,calculus,algebra and differential equations.I have also high experience to do online courses like on mymathlab , aleks ,webassign and on a..
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