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Cancellations Article rated 5.0/5.0
HiSmarty encourages sellers and buyers to mutually resolve disputes within an order and avoid cancellations.As a seller, you should do your be
HiSmarty Seller Safety Best Practices Article not rated yet
When selling on HiSmarty, protecting yourself is of the utmost importance.By selling a HiSmarty Job to a buyer, you’re taking responsibility for the service you’re providing to them. So, how can y...
Creating Your Profile Article not rated yet
Your profile is how you present yourself to the community. Therefore, in addition to representing yourself as a seller, you represent the HiSmarty community and are expected to behave in a professiona...
Creating Your Listing Article not rated yet
Your Listing is the place to showcase your Product/Service to potential buyers. Ensure that you create Listings - which represent the real quality and description of Service/Product you deliver - in ...
Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights Article not rated yet
To assist you in evaluating one's intellectual property rights, has summarized general copyright principles and frequently asked questions below.  This summary is applicable to India Cop...

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