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How to Become Partner? Article not rated yet
1- For selling on HiSmarty you must be Registered user on our website, If you are not Registered and then Click Here and on this page fill all required information marked with 
How do I cancel my order? Article not rated yet
We encourage you to work things out with your seller to try and settle conflicts amongst yourselves through the Resolution Center. For more information, see 
Does HiSmarty contact its users? Article not rated yet
Policy & Safety:-   Never give out your password. Now and again we may ask for a few things from you, but:
Is my personal information safe? Article not rated yet
Where is my order? Article not rated yet
Orders Section   Go to
Why was my payment declined? Article not rated yet
Payments may be declined for a number of reasons. If your payment was declined, please review the following:  
What if I forgot my password? Article not rated yet
If you forgot your password, please go back to HiSmarty and click 
How do I order a Product/Services? Article not rated yet
To order a Product/Services, simply go to a seller’s Listing page and click the Proceed to Add to Cart button, Now click Checkout.
Do I pay my seller directly? Article not rated yet
Buyers pay HiSmarty for orders in advance. You may not pay other users directly using any method other than ordering through the HiSmarty order page. In case you have been
Does my refund include the processing fee? Article not rated yet
No, HiSmarty does not refund the processing fee to your balance. If you placed an order through Netbanking, PayPal or Credit card, a processing fee is charged. The processing fee helps subsidize the c...
Do I own what is delivered to me? Article not rated yet
Ownership and limitations: Unless clearly stated otherwise in the Listing description text, when the work is delivered, the buyer is granted all intellectual property rights, including but not limited...
What are Extras & Options? Article not rated yet
Extras are additional services offered for an additional price defined by the seller. Buyers can also purchase additional quantities of the seller's Listing (defined as "Multiples").  
How do I download attachments and files? Article not rated yet
When receiving emails, you have the option to download attached files. Also, when accepting deliveries from the seller, you can download the delivered files.   If you are experiencing issues with dow...
How do I use a promo code? Article not rated yet
If you receive a promotional code, you can apply it during the checkout process. To apply a promo code: When you find a Listing you want to purchase, click Proceed
What are milestones? Article not rated yet
Milestones if a feature that allows your seller to split up tasks for larger, more complex projects. It's available for orders of over $100. F
Why is there a watermark on the images in my delivery? Article not rated yet
When the seller delivers your work, a watermark is added to all the images within the delivery. This allows you to preview your work before accepting the delivery. Once yo
How can I check my order status? Article not rated yet
Go to Orders to check my orders History?
Where is My Account? Article not rated yet
Go to My Account section , here you will found many useful links on left side of menu

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