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  • WHATSAPP APP CLONE SOURCE CODE - Private Chat Messaging Application

    WHATSAPP APP CLONE SOURCE CODE - Private Chat Messaging Application

    WhatsApp Clone App Source Code - BUY NOW - WHATS APP CLONE SCRIPT

    Top Rated whatsapp chatting app development company  in India & USA - best chatting app clone like whatsapp

    Messaging application that has completely transformed the messaging app market. WhatsApp clone app as a real-time messenger application the real-time chatting application has ever been a distinct advantage or have touched WhatsApp’s amazingness as an application. Chatting app like WhatsApp we are offering a detailed understanding of its comprehension development process and technicalities.

    Group Chat

    Add more members to a chat to create a group chat. Assign a name to the group chat complete with text, special characters and emojis. Group chat admins can add or remove users.

    Share Images, Audio & Video

    Without any limit to time or data, your customer can make an audio or a video call and can share images. The call history allows them to know at what time the call was made. The total call time will be calculated by the system.

    Share Contacts

    Sharing of contact details such as phone numbers, email address, etc. to your contacts with a few taps.

    Share Locations

    Instant messaging is not just about sending and receiving text messages. Take your user’s messaging experience to the next level with features like real-time location sharing.

    One To One Chat

    We have made it easy to send and receive end-to-end messages with a secured encrypted layer just as in WhatsApp. The chat app users can send and receive HD pictures, audio, and videos instantly.

    ​Now, using this feature it is possible to save more of your money by making calls all over the country by utilizing this feature. This feature enables your users to make voice calls who are listed in your contact by using mobile data.

    Instant Notifications

    Be in the know of incoming messages, missed voice/video calls, files received and much more. Your instant messaging app can be integrated with a push notification feature that will allow users to preview notifications without going into the app.

    Exit Group

    ​The app users can use the group invitation links to join different groups and also can exit from groups that they no longer intend to stay in quickly.

    Invite Contacts

    ​The app users can invite contacts to join whatsapp those who are not on whatsapp app.

    Starred Messages

    ​Messages that cannot be let go? Every such message the users can mark them star so that it helps the users to access them and view them easily.

    Message Info

    ​The app user can check his message info about delivery time and when another user has read his message.

    In-message Reply

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    WHATSAPP APP CLONE SOURCE CODE - Private Chat Messaging Application
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